In the Caverns of Your Mind

Ian James

w/ Meredith Corvette Carter, JD Emmanuel, Iasos, Dick Sutphen, Heather Mockeridge, Janice Harmony Pak, Travis Diehl, Kat Epple, KCHUNG, George Jensen


January 9th - February 13th 2015 

Performance w/ Meredith Corvette Carter & JD Emmanuel – Jan 10th 2015 6:30pm


WITHIN the closed network of our perceptive reality, we float along in suspension; adrift in the tidal currents of aether that carries with it every object we could ever sense. Most of these float past unnoticed and some strike our interest, becoming muses for our thoughts and actions. We meditate on these pieces, assigning them value, placing them in our periphery for further consideration.


WE seek to rendezvous with our higher self. Through concentrated body movements, meditations within our neural passageways, and conversations with technology, we seek a stair-stepping transformation process that will render our former selves unknowable to the future us.


THROUGH devoted thought and aided by devices of increasing complexity, our altered, enlightened personas transit away from the physical. Moving through wireless networks of increased complexity. Turning over, moving through exabytes of information. We leave our bodies behind, becoming autonomous beings of code interacting with one another in the datumplane.


In the Caverns of your Mind is an exhibition of photographs, videos, arundo huts, and a three-part collaborative performance with JD Emmanuel and Meredith Corvette Carter. The works seek dialogue between experimental spiritual practices and photographic production, as both are gestures of transformation through technology. Many of the works will float in the aether atop a custom wallpaper that, once staged, will serve to generate the next iteration of the work.


The three part performance asks audience members to participate in a guided physical and mental meditation that will address issues of _________ and the possibility of autonomous existence within an artificial network. These gestures will slide into a set by legendary seeker, space musician and Houston-native JD Emmanuel. Audience members are asked to wear comfortable clothes and to bring a mat, small blanket, or something to sit upon.


In the Caverns of your Mind is also a cassette tape by Robert Slap © 1984 Valley of the Sun Publishing Co.


Ian James was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1981 and is currently working in Los Angeles. His work has shown at Pepin Moore, Charlie James, REDCAT, Chin's Push, and he has performed at the Hammer Museum, Liz Glynn's Black Box, Knowledges at the Mt. Wilson Observatory, Night Gallery and Human Resources. He recently published the book Industrial Color/Light Test through Golden Spike Press as well as runs the artist project space metro pcs with Matt Siegle. He hosts the Healing Light Comfort Zone on KCHUNG radio with Meredith Corvette Carter. He received his MFA from CalArts in 2009.